The discovery of an oniric and poetic creature


« In the olden days, where we can see on the wet floor a tear of reproach against providence, surrounded by his tears, Ness lived.

Brought one day by four men who had received orders, tired of life and ashamed to walk among beings who did not resemble him, the despair conquered his soul. In the fear of an imaginary danger, he refuses the contact. If someone comes closer, with a sudden gesture, he hides behind the wings of his modesty.

His being expresses the most virile energy at the same time as the grace of a celestial virgin. Nothing seems natural in Ness, not even the muscles of his body seemingly born between the harmonious contours of feminine forms.

His excessive modesty, which was born one day from the idea that he is only a monster, prevents Ness to discover the friendship.

Lost traveler, by the dignity that travels on distant lands give to man, can you destroy the walls of this certainty? »


Stage area :

– heated inside or outside area in summer protected against rain  

– 3mX4m minimum 

– Flat and smooth ground

Warm-up : Minimum 1 hour before each act in a heated room

Duration : 7 min 


– Carnival

– Medieval festival

– Baroque festival

– Chinese new year (costume included only pants – asian fans and make-up – asian music)

– Oriental show (costume included only pants – oriental make-up – oriental music)

– …


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