Picture Jason Pavalonis


Since 2015, Lazlo LICATA gives birth in Venice to a crew of “Lagoon Pirates”, assembling an eclectic team of friends – artists, poets and musicians- to launch forth into the boarding of the worldwide famous Carnival. Turned into living supports of moving artpieces, all the performer-pirates wear special masks, props, marionettes and costumes devised and manufactured by the artist-filmmaker and his crew for the occasion, paying homage with a modern touch and science-fiction tones to historical Venetian figures and traditional masks and crafts.
Every year, the project require more than two months of work in creative residences and has called through the years the participation of more than twenty performer-artists coming from all parts of the world for the special Carnival events.
During the last five Venetian Carnivals, the project opened several exhibitions that showed installations full of special artworks as well as video and short-film screenings linked together by a lot of theatrical strollings, creative demonstrations, itinerant concerts, improvised shanties and laguna poems experimented during that period, all over the city as well as its islands.

Nestor integrate the crew during Venice Carnival 2019. He is a part of this adventure with his partner Marine Buridant who had integrated the crew the previous year.

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Street show”Echappés du carroussel” from the company “Les Mangeurs de Cercles”